My name is Aniketh Mendonca, and this website is a sneek peek into my life and the things I do.

A multipotentialite by nature, I have been involved in a variety of things over the last decade. My education includes studying science, humanities, hospitality and media. I have directed a documentary during my time at SCM Sophia that made it to the TISS Film Festival. My career with media began in a startup where I took on various roles; after which, I moved to a digital marketing agency that catered to brands like NBA, Sony Sports Network and IPL. In the last three years, I have ventured into the development sector, beginning with the Gandhi Fellowship wherein I worked on improving the quality of education in Government Primary Schools in Uttarakhand. During that time, I initiated a project to use sports to inculcate life skills in school children which was projected to impact nearly 50,000 children. I am currently working with ELMS Sports Foundation to improve Physical Education in schools.

In a nutshell, I am an author, director, and a sports fanatic who intends to use my varied skill set and experience to impact the lives of many in the future, especially through sports!



The Mendonca Post (3).png

The name of this website may not be the kind of name that is often associated with a personal website, but after a lot of thinking, deliberation and discussions, I was finally able to lock in on the name, "The Mendonca Post". The name of this space for me was very important. 

Mendonca, as you would have guessed, is my surname. I chose the word "Post" as it works in two ways for me. A post is something that works as  as a marker, or a support,  and can be seen from a long distance and is also a piece of writing that is published on a platform.

The Mendonca Post was the one that satisfied the two main objectives of this site, firstly to put myself out on the internet and make a mark for myself as well as be a platform for me to post things I am passionate about.