Games to be played indoors with the Family!

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has put over a third of the global population in lockdown. In such trying times, there is an urging need to make sure we keep an eye on life after the pandemic and not lose focus on the health and fitness of ourselves and our loved ones. 

It is no secret that sedentary behavior can adversely affect your physical and mental health. By making sure we are physically active, we can lower the main causes of fatalities of COVID-19, namely blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as decrease the chances of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Physical inactivity is on the rise, especially in children, as we are confined in our homes and at the most interacting with a couple of friends living on the same floor or building at the most. Gyms, parks, playgrounds are shut for the foreseeable future, making physical activity in open spaces a challenge.

Space and equipment are two things that we associate the most with physical activity and being physically fit. The only way to get around this, is to replace it with two other words – improvisation and imagination! 

This book consists of a list of games that can be played using equipment made from things that are easily available at home as well as online apps & websites that can help you in this endeavor.